Heat Pump Installation

Have you decided to add a heat pump system to your Salt Lake City property? If so, then the experts at Absolute Heating & Air can help you through the entire process of heat pump installation. We pride ourselves on our customer service and guarantee our work. When your Salt Lake City property is ready for a new heating system, trust us to come to your home and install it properly, leaving you with nothing to worry about.

Choosing the Type of Heat Pump

There are several types of heat pumps that you can equip your Salt Lake City property with and the ideal one for your home or business depends largely on the property itself. Air-source pumps are often the cheapest to install but decrease in effectiveness with low temperatures, whereas geothermal pumps are more effective but also more expensive to install and can have limitations based on the size of your Salt Lake City property. We can help you determine the best system for your situation.

Where We’ll Install the Heat Pump System on Your Salt Lake City Property

Much like an air conditioner, your heat pump system will be most effective if it is installed in an optimal location at your Salt Lake City property. This may vary from building to building, but generally the outside compressor must have a bit of space between it and the building, with a decent amount of open air above and in front of it. This will help the system work properly and prevent debris from gathering inside it quickly.

Salt Lake City Heat Pump Installation

Once we determine the ideal location for your Salt Lake City property’s heat pump, we can begin installation. Near the unit, we will drill a three-inch hole in the wall for all of the connections to reach the indoor air handler of your Salt Lake City property. If you have existing ductwork, this is also when we will hook your new system into the old. If you have a backup heating system at your Salt Lake City property, we will install a switch for the system to know when to switch between the two systems.

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