Heat Pump AC Installation

When you’re ready for a change to the heating and cooling systems at your Salt Lake City property, turn to the team at Absolute Heating & Air! Our highly trained experts are happy to provide heat pump air conditioning installation at a cost that is hard to beat. We operate with professionalism, attention to detail, and a dedication to providing HVAC services in Salt Lake City.

Heat Pump Air Conditioning Installation in Salt Lake City

We want to make sure you’re comfortable inside your Salt Lake City property during the sweltering months of summer, as well as in the freezing months of winter. A heat pump air conditioning system is a great way to get the best of both worlds. Instead of having an air conditioning unit and a furnace that run up your energy bills, switch to the system that uses electricity to provide the benefits of both. Our company has been installing HVAC systems in Salt Lake City for more than 10 years, so give us a call today.

Salt Lake City Heat Pump Air Conditioning – Cooling and Warming

Heat pump air conditioning uses electricity to move heat from in and out of your property, rather than using oil or gas to produce heat. During warmer weather, it compiles the warm air from within your Salt Lake City property and transfers it outside, making the inside cooler. For colder weather, it gathers warm air and outside and transfers it into your Salt Lake City property, warming it within. While the cost to install a heat pump AC system is more than a conventional unit, it’ll end up paying for itself in decreased energy costs.

Professional Heat Pump Air Conditioning Installation Services in Salt Lake City

All of our heat pumps are ENERGY STAR products, meaning they meet the strict energy efficiency guidelines of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These heat pumps have a higher seasonal efficiency rating than standard models, meaning you are getting the most for your money. Don’t settle for run-of-the-mill installation services when you can partner with a team of professionals who use top products. Give us a call in Salt Lake City today.

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