Heat Pump Air Conditioning

Living in Utah, summers can be unbearably hot, just as winters can be bone chillingly cold. Having a reliable source of heating and cooling is a must for your Salt Lake City property. Traditionally, people will have both a central AC unit and a furnace to deal with hot and cold weather. A heat pump AC system, however, provides you with an alternative. Instead of having two systems for heating and cooling, you can have both in one unit with a heat pump AC from Absolute Heating & Air. Kill two birds with one stone with a heat pump AC system in Salt Lake City.

Heat Pump Air Conditioning in Salt Lake City

A heat pump uses electricity to move heat from a cool space to a warm space, allowing cool air to get cooler while warm air gets warmer. Unlike a traditional furnace, they don't generate heat from gas or flames. Instead, they act as a transportation method for warm air which allows your Salt Lake City property to save as much as 25 percent in energy costs. Though these products can be more expensive up front, the difference will eventually be paid back through lower energy bills!

Why Switch to a Heat Pump AC System in Salt Lake City?

One of the main reasons to have a heat pump AC installed in your Salt Lake City property is the ease of use. Combining two services into one machine makes life easier and eliminates the need to replace two different appliances. Heat pump air conditioning has also been proven to decrease energy costs by using electricity to heat your Salt Lake City property.

Salt Lake City's Heat Pump Air Conditioning Team

At Absolute Heating & Air, we realize trust is everything. When you let us into your Salt Lake City property, you want to have confidence that we will work professionally and efficiently to get what you need done. With our team, you can expect experts who have gone through rigorous screening, training, and drug testing. We hire only the most experienced and reliable technicians in Salt Lake City, so you can feel safe leaving your heat pump air conditioning needs in our hands.

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